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Securing a commercial loan in Maine

A commercial loan in Maine is a great way to fund the purchase of a new building or piece of real estate for your business.  You can also use a commercial loan to finance some types of investment properties.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types

There are many types of commercial properties, and no two of them are alike.  Depending on your business goals, you may need to finance an apartment building, convenience store, gas station, health care center, auto services building, bed-and-breakfast, light industrial building, marina, campground or RV park, hotel or motel, mixed use property, mobile home park, retail space, self storage compound, warehouse, multi-family unit, office, or restaurant.

Maine Commercial Loans

Major cities in Maine include Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, and Bangor.  In any of these areas, you’ll be able to find commercial real estate to meet your needs and financing options available to help you with your purchase.  Contact a local lender in the area to explore your commercial loan options further.

About Maine

Maine is the easternmost state in the United States.  Most of the state is known for its scenery and seafood.  Maine has the freshest lobster and clams anywhere in the nation.  Maine is also the largest producer of blueberries.   It is the largest blueberry producer in the world.

Tourism and outdoor recreation play a major and increasingly important role in Maine's economy. Activities such as snowboarding, sport fishing, and camping are some of the attractions that Maine offers to those who enjoy sports.

The capital of Maine is Augusta, but the largest city in Maine is Portland.  Portland's proximity to Boston makes it an important metropolis for the state.  Many significant companies have their bases in Maine, including Bank of America, Key Bank, Fidelity Investments, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and Aetna.

Statistically, Portland has a low unemployment level when compared to national averages and the state average.  Portland the surrounding cities also have higher median incomes than most other Maine communities.  Some main sites of interest in Portland include the downtown Arts District and the Portland Stage Company, as well as many other small galleries.

You may find Maine an interesting and unique place in which to live or own a business.  Perhaps you’ve considered owning a seafood restaurant.  Whatever your choice, you can count on Lender411 to help you find the best commercial mortgage rates.

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