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Prospect Financial Group, Inc. understands that the mortgage industry is a very mature and sophisticated marketplace where pricing and product availability can make or break a mortgage company. We realize that no longer can slick marketing practices and extensive advertising campaigns promote success in the absence of superior pricing.

We not only pride ourselves on superior pricing and product availability, we also believe we have achieved an unparalleled customer service policy that sets us apart from other industry price leaders.

Our business model is simple:
Superior Pricing + Superior Customer Service = Superior Customer Satisfaction

In focusing on our business model, we are able to achieve the following:

  1. Our sense of integrity will always be our first priority.
  2. We will share our success with you by delivering the lowest rate and fee structure with efficiency and consistency.
  3. We will establish a positive, energetic, and professional relationship with our clients that will keep them coming back for all of their home financing needs.

We specialize in California home refinance and purchase loans. Some of the most popular loans programs that we offer include fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans and HARP 2.0.

Visit us at to request a free, no obligation quote and speak with a mortgage professional today!

Prospect Financial Group, Inc.

NMLS #365482 | BRE #01779147

1940 Garnet Ave. #320

San Diego, CA 92109

Great rate on refi
Prospect Mortgage got me a great rate and were very flexible. My home appraised for more than I thought it would and they were able to lower my rate during the process. The loan took a little longer than normal to close, but the team at Prospect made sure to deliver the rate and terms that they originally promised, even though interest rates were fluctuating. I saved a ton of money on my monthly payment.
By tara.c_299_636 on March 14, 2013
Excellent Refi Process
I just completed a refi through prospect financial, I have to say the process was quick, and quite simple. Have already recommended to other friends.
By thomas_666_353 on March 9, 2013
My refinance experience
Jason Vondrak and his partner Tony Rice promptly answered all my questions throughout my refinance process. Prospect Financial did a nice job getting my home mortgage payment reduced to allow me additional flexibility paying for my kids education.Thanks,Tim Grasser
By timand_821_762 on March 7, 2013
Editorial Director
From the many loan providers that contacted me about refinancing my home mortgage, Jason Vondrak at Prospect Financial Group offered the best rate with the best terms. Although the process took longer than I anticipated, everything went smoothly and I was very satisfied with the end result--a new mortgage interest rate that's the envy of family and friends.
By thesoc_416_347 on March 7, 2013
chart_bar Mortgage Rates: 5 Result(s) Found
30-year-fixed $415.00 3.990 0.000 0.000 $0 $417,000 30 No Aug 19
15-year-fixed $415.00 3.000 0.000 0.000 $0 $417,000 30 No Aug 19
10-year-fixed $415.00 3.000 0.000 0.000 $0 $417,000 30 No Aug 19
5-1-arm $415.00 2.750 0.000 0.000 $0 $417,000 30 No Aug 19
7-1-arm $415.00 3.125 0.000 0.000 $0 $417,000 30 No Aug 19
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