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origination fees

how much do origination fees typically cost? do they have to paid up-front? by MMeyer_619_818 from Purcell, Oklahoma. Aug 17th 2012 Reply

Steve Cooley (steve.cooley)
#7 ranked lender in Oklahoma - 12 contributions

Hello, My name is Steve Cooley and I am with The Cooley Mortgage Team with Prime Lending in Oklahoma City. Our origination fee is a flat $995. Origination fees are only part of the "closing costs" associated with obtaining a mortgage loan. Closing costs will vary based upon the loan amount you are seeking. They do have to be paid up front, but you can negotiate to have those paid by the seller if you are talking about a home purchase. If you are speaking of refinancing your current mortgage, typically those costs can be rolled into your new loan. Hope this was helpful. Contact me if you have any further questions. 405-831-4457

Aug 18th 2012
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Raymond Denton (Raymond)
#119 ranked lender in California - 222 contributions

It depends on the origination fee. It's 0 for the 4.75% fixed interest rate, $1,500.00 for the 4.50% and $2,500.00 for the 4.25%

Aug 17th 2012
Peter Botros (PeterBotros)
#75 ranked lender in New York - 895 contributions

Varies greatly between every lender or broker. Origination Fees include application fees, commitment fees, processing fees or any other fees. It also contains any points paid for a particular interest rate.

Aug 17th 2012

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