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Securing a Georgia Reverse Mortgage

The Georgia reverse mortgage is a unique financial tool available to homeowners who are seniors in the state of Georgia.  These loans operate in reverse through a payment program that provides income to individuals with equity in their homes.  In a reverse mortgage, the lender provides money to you that can be spent on anything you choose to spend it on.

Reverse Mortgage Georgia Information

There are no other mortgage products on the market similar to the reverse mortgage.  These mortgages are available to seniors over the age of 62 who own homes.  No other individuals qualify for these mortgages.  This exclusivity ensures that lenders are more than ready to provide these loans to borrowers who need them.

georgia reverse mortgageReverse mortgages in Georgia can provide the funds you need to pay for medical bills, debt obligations, living expenses, and other costs.  These loans convert your home equity into cash, and you can use the income you receive through your reverse mortgage to pay off your current mortgage and other mortgage loans as well.  You should try to obtain as much reverse mortgage information as possible before deciding what financial option to pursue.

You can arrange to receive funds from your lender in a number of ways.  The payout system is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your financial needs.

  • You can receive a portion of the money on a monthly basis.
  • You can receive all of the money up front in a lump sum.
  • You can arrange to access the funds through a line of credit.
  • You can combine any of the above options to create a customized payout arrangement.

Your lender takes control of the equity of your home when you start a reverse mortgage.  This equity no longer belongs to you.  It is owned by your lender.  Your lender is obligated to provide this equity to you in the form of cash through whatever payout arrangement you have chosen.

Your lender does not own your home and never will, even once the full amount of equity has been paid out.  You can live in your home without paying anything for the rest of your life, and once you pass away, ownership of the home will transfer to your heirs.  Your heirs will be responsible for paying off the loan.  Federal law ensures that your heirs won’t have to pay more than what the home is worth at the time of the payment.

If you’re still unsure about this financial situation or you have further questions, read through the HUD’s Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with one of our lenders to find answers.

Georgia Reverse Mortgage Lenders

No two lenders that you contact will offer you the same rates and terms on your mortgage.  This is true of any mortgage loan type, but it’s especially true of reverse mortgages, which are customized to meet the needs of the individual senior.  It’s essential that you conduct as much research as you can to find out what your mortgage options are before you select a lender.

The cost of your reverse mortgage will be incurred through fees paid at the time of closing and through interest deducted from your equity.  Make sure you find the lowest mortgage rate on your reverse mortgage loan.  Try to identify which lender will offer you the lowest rates, too.  If you need more information about the application process, read our reverse mortgage checklist.

About Georgia

"Georgia On My Mind" is the official state song of the state of Georgia.  It is aclassic written by the great Ray Charles and hints at the deep cultural vibrancy of the state.  Georgia is a state of diversity, and it is great for those who wish to retire within the beauty of the South.  Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and Athens are all major cities within the state of Georgia, and all are popular destinations for retirees.

There are 15 Fortune 500 companies and 26 Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in the state of Georgia, including corporations such as Home Depot, UPS, Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, AFLAC, Southern Company, and SunTrust Bank.  This gives the state a major level of influence in the international business community.  Several major military bases are located in Georgia as well.

This state is great for seniors and individuals who plan to retire with a reverse mortgage.

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