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Blog Review: Alan Barker

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/26/2013

Alan has one of the most sincere and down to earth approaches to the real estate market we’ve seen. He’s strongly averse to high pressure sales, and is far more concerned with keeping his clients happy than with what the next commission will be. Communication with both his clients and lenders is a high priority on his list, ensuring no one is left out of the loop--just a glance at the many testimonials will attest to his dedication.

Alan’s blog is a true standout. It’s stylish but simple, setting the stage for some truly informative entries. We really liked a post on why buying a home with an ARM could be a great idea for buyers that aren’t planning to stay in their house for more than a few years, a great idea for first time homebuyers to get a starter home and take advantage of low interest rates. Another post focused on the exciting recent change in FHA qualifications that now allows applicants with a credit score of 580 to get a loan. There are also excellent posts comparing the benefits of renting vs buying and the points of home tending.

Keeping up to date with mortgage rates, especially locally, is something the site has featured, as well as providing both links to related news articles and Alan’s opinion on the content.  Both of these are extremely helpful, especially for anyone who doesn’t have time to slog through long articles consisting of several pages. Alan’s summaries convey the bottom line, getting straight to the point.

We feel that the Logan, Utah area is fortunate to have both a savvy and sincere realtor like Alan, and his blog is well deserving of our five star rating. Any of our visitors from Logan should definitely take a look at his site!

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