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By Liz Clinger Updated on 6/6/2012

Blog Review:


With current mortgage rates at record lows in and around the Santa Fe area, there is no better place for New Mexico residents to get their insider news than the Barker Real Estate Blog. Here you will find tips and tricks on everything from do it yourself projects to  Santa Fe market trends. Richard Gonzales and Warren Sacks are the main source of go-to information within their Santa Fe blog. They are both active individuals whom update the site on a regular basis as well as answer any user’s questions.

Both Richard and Warren take an extremely novel approach to their blog. Their articles don’t just simply focus on broad market news, but instead they’ve created “vaults” dedicated on specific aspects of Santa Fe news. The Santa Fe Neighborhood News specifically follows any local news of note. For instance, the article “5 Ways to Use Video to Generate Business,” discusses the importance of multimedia vehicles such as YouTube for Santa Fe real estate agents to brand themselves and gain a very important competitive edge. Realtors neglecting the use of video client testimonials or a clever market update video are missing a large portion of the growing tech-savvy market segment. Linking these to your social media applications can yield high rewards to a visually receptive purchaser.

In the “Market Trends” vault you will find daily updates on the local Santa Fe New Mexico market. Here, Richard and Warren keep you up to date with ongoing trends in the Santa Fe market. This is a great resource for Realtors to use to update and focus their marketing efforts to obtain new clientele.

The overall layout and functionality of the blog provides a platform for anybody in the real estate market to discuss or exchange information. Richard and Warren do an excellent job of keeping the articles interesting and relevant. I urge anybody: mortgage professionals, realtors and home-buyers alike to utilize the tools and content that the Barker Blog provides. To view this blog, subscribe or contact its contributors please visit //

Review by: Kyle Lammers

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Liz Clinger
Liz Clinger has multiple years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industries as an internet marketing professional... more

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