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Blog Review: Maximum Exposure Real Estate

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 3/14/2014

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Bill Gassett is kind of a big deal. His Google Plus profile boasts over 27,000 followers, and his Twitter carries a cool 15,800. This rather devoted social media fan base can only be attributed to Gassett’s success as a Framingham, MA area realtor and his equally celebrated social media savvy.

In a post-Penguin, ranking obsessed world stuffed with frivolous filler content, Bill Gassett’s is an antithesis, the real deal. A veritable Google poster boy, the realtor of 26 years uses his command of digital marketing as a selling point to those homeowners in search of the perfect rep to put their house not only on the market, but before the very eyes of the internet.

gassett realtorGassett’s abilities don’t stop short of sincerity, however, and that’s why it’s tough to resist his social media persona.  

I feel like I know Bill Gassett, thanks to his broad and welcoming online presence of course, but also because he delivers all the proof that comes along with his marketing pudding. He doesn’t write vapid articles, he researches ideas – something I can only assume takes a mountain of time and effort, considering the density and length of his many blog entries.

On, readers will find highly in-depth discussions about real estate marketing and general real estate and mortgage necessities: flood insurance, condo HOAs, and monthly market updates for the Metrowest Massachusetts area. There are also featured property listings.

What continues to impress me is Gassett’s choice of more specific, and rather fascinating topics: Tips to Sell a Home When You Have Pets, Who Really Benefits From a Real Estate Open House, Divorce and Selling Real Estate, and others.

The real cherry on top of every blog post is that they all feature hilariously no holds barred images. One open house humorof my personal favorites is pictured to the right and comes from Gassett’s perhaps controversial article “Who Really Benefits from a Real Estate Open House?

The bold and revealing entry is one of my top picks for its mix of frankness and humor:

 “In fact I will go out on a limb and tell you there are very few Realtors who have ever sold triple digit homes in a year who have open houses as a marketing strategy. There are far more productive things an agent can do than wasting this kind of time on a Sunday afternoon.”

That’s the kind of honesty you can expect if you ever decide to take a good long gander at the Max Real Estate blog.

Gassett’s sincerity kicks in with full force when you scroll to the bottom of the same page. There is a section titled “A Couple of Exceptions to the Rule” in which he explains that a hot seller’s market or newly constructed housing tract and other exceptions would be conducive to open houses that would actually benefit buyers and sellers, not just realtors.

And so goes Gassett’s greatest appeal: he is a client’s realtor – not a realtor’s realtor – and leverages his talents to sell real estate and educate.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself and visit Whether you’re a home buyer, seller, or even marketer - you may just learn something. 

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