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Blog Review: Real Estate Tips for Today's Market

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 9/25/2013



Written by Jason Christensen of Sun Valley Mortgage, the "Real Estate Tips for Today's Market" blog is tailored for mortgage-savvy individuals who want a summary of the week's economic happenings.  The blog is updated every week with a new issue of the Mortgage Market Weekly Guide.  Each Mortgage Market Weekly Guide starts off with a "Last Week in Review" section that highlights what happened in the previous week's issue.

Jason Christensen (the author) has over 16 years worth of experiecnce in the mortgage industry, so he knows what he is talking about.  Jason brings  such a level of expertise to all of his blog posts that even non-mortgage professionals could flock to this blog for information.  

In his blog, Jason covers the recent economic activity of the nation (the labor market, home prices, small business activity, foreclosures, etc.) and talks about how it has, in turn, affected the home loan rates for the nation.  In each weekly issue, there is also a small section that gives advice and covers practical productivity topics useful for all professonals such as: the high cost of office interruptions, writing business articles that get read, and monitoring the flu online.

The blog posts that Jason posts are all very relevant to anyone who wants to know the current trends of the economy and mortgage industry, but also speaks to those who are just simply interested in the economy.  Jason takes the time to go over all aspects that he finds relevant to the total mortgage market picture.  Overall, Lender411 gives the "Real Estate Tips for Today's Market" Blog 5/5 stars for being engaging, informative and relevant. 

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