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Blog Review: Scott Maizlish Park City Realtor

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 2/27/2014

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Park City, Utah requires no introduction. The snowy destination has been called one of America’s most beautiful towns, is a winter sport mecca and home to Sundance, the U.S.’s largest independent film festival.

In Park City, it’s no secret that the living is comfortable, the snow is pure, and the real estate is prime. So what else can you say?

“Lanyards are for losers.”

That’s what realtor Scott Maizlish of will tell you, anyway. When one’s listing territory is famous for its beauty and amenities, I imagine one needs to get creative with their real estate blog, and Maizlish certainly does. But let him explain:

“I know that sounds harsh, but if you don’t want to be the subject of a local’s Facebook post about the funny place a ‘PIB wearing his lanyard’ was spotted, understand they’re not always necessary. I’ve actually seen people wearing these at the gym ON THE TREADMILL and in hot tubs. Trust me, there is no VIP exercise equipment because you bought a [Sundance] festival pass.”

park city citizens“What’s a PIB?” you may ask yourself ( I did). Earlier in the same post, Maizlish explains that Park City locals call Sundance-goers the “People In Black,” a facetious rip on the typical, somber uniform of the oh-so-artsy Sundance film elite.

Scott Maizlish will give it to you straight, and that’s what I like about him. He lives in a special place, normally overwhelmed by tourism - in fact, the sheer volume of tourists passing through Park City annually dwarfs the settled population at any given time – and with a secret culture that doesn’t make the glamorous articles about which film won the Grand Jury Award.

If your personal image of Park City was ever defined by snow bunnies and Hollywood hotshot indie darlings, will set you straight so fast that your head will spin with culture shock:

“There’s a saying in Park City over Sundance that goes like this: ‘Don’t you know who I am? No? Good, we’re even.’ Locals understand that with the Hollywood scene comes a little ego. But throwing a fit at Starbucks because the barista forgot to add extra foam to your non-fat, extra-hot soy latte just isn’t how we do things here.”

So this is what you should know about Park City, or what I’ve gleaned from Maizlish’s blog:

Park City is a mountain town. The residents love their fresh air, proximity to nature, low maintenance living and generally want to chill out or get active. Hoity-toity A-listers who pass through are not gracing the town with their presence; they should feel graced to be welcomed into an awesome community - movie opening or no.

But when I say “low maintenance living,” I’m not glossing over the Park City luxury factor.park city real estate

Maizlish features a number of listings that look more than fit for a Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot: cliff-side cabins with vaulted ceilings and equally impressive windows overlooking Park City’s majestic slopes, gated communities with top dollar homes so secluded that it’s not uncommon for you to see wild life instead of your neighbors, and all the makings for truly rustic luxury living.

Just read this description for a featured listing from Park City’s high-profile community, The Colony:

“With neighboring homes mostly out of sight, you’re more likely to see moose, elk or deer than another human being. Ski-in/ski-out access to Canyons Resort . . . and a 35 minute drive to Salt Lake International Airport makes this one of the most accessible and secluded communities in the world.”

Yes, in Park City, Utah, you can wave to a moose while you ski out of your yard and zip on over to Canyons Resort. Not a big deal.

So – go. I want to go. Let’s all go! The story tells of this magical and surprisingly unassuming place is an undeniable siren song, and Maizlish is the piper who will give you insider tips with the most jocular honesty that ever made anyone choke on their latte.

The blog is a real find, and so is the truth it reveals about Maizlish’s colorful, easy-going and secret Park City.

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