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Blog Review:  CenterCity Team Blog

Updated on 6/18/2012

By: Kyle Lammers

The Center City Team blog, created by Frank L. DeFazio, is your one stop shop for unbiased Philadelphia real estate and community news. Frank has owned and operated his Philadelphia real estate blog for over 3 years now and provides a plethora of news on various topics ranging from local Philadelphia foreclosure rates to the newest local spot to grab a bite to eat. Whatever the topic, Frank provides any visitor a fresh new perspective on various subject matters.

It is very rare to see such imagination and dedication to a blog.  The blog is updated multiple times daily and provides viewers with a forum to comment on the blog itself or via Facebook.  Either way, Frank has made it very easy for his subscribers to naturally read and share the information he provides through the use of encapsulating images on each blog.

Any local resident looking for information on the newest Philadelphia neighborhood news to events in the city need not go anywhere else than the Center City Team Blog.  In the June 13th article “Unusual Graduate Hospital Listing: 31 Home Package,” you can see an example of Frank’s dynamic writing style.  The 31 property package is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any potential buyer looking to create a significant ROI.

With each blog, Frank does a fantastic job of allowing visitors to share any article submission.  A key ingredient to any blogs success and proliferation is by giving the viewer a reason to share the content through social media.  The Center City Team Blog is ahead of the curve in its ability to become a premium provider in any/all Philadelphia related news.  I look forward to seeing  its ongoing success and am proud to award the blog 5/5 stars. Congrats Frank

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