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Delaware Ohio Real Estate Blog Review

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 11/19/2012

Whether you’re an Ohio native or a prospective Ohio resident, the Delaware Ohio Real Estate Blog comprises three blogs in one, providing a wealth of information Lender411 Blog Reviewnot only regarding home purchase opportunities but also helpful market trend reports, as well as numerous articles which capture the culture of this unique community. With frequent updates, one can easily tell that the blog’s author, Toby Boyce, devotes a considerable amount of time and thought into these entries, and the result is an excellently written blog that has something for everyone.

Divided into three categories of “It’s Happening in Delaware County Ohio,” “Latest Real Estate News,” and “DelawareOH365: Something Every Day in Delaware,” this blog is genuinely engaging to read as a balance between informative posts and posts which are simply fun to read. For instance, in terms of helpful home tips, the real estate section of the blog contains a recently posted article describing ways for home sellers to avoid making “curb-appeal mistakes” when putting their property on the market. This article not only feeds readers this information but assesses the validity of these tips to give an honest suggestion based in prior experience and a foreknowledge of the home selling process.

Another article that I found particularly amusing was a simple article which discussed Ohio’s Wine Country. While not focused on real estate, this article, titled “Getting Away to Ohio’s Wine Country – It’s More Than Just Wine,” demonstrates an appreciation and celebration of the local culture, truly giving a flavor and impression of the region for any readers considering the county as their new place of residence.

As previously mentioned, this blog contains something for everyone and is a valuable resource for anyone living or considering life in Ohio. With numerous featured listings for real estate purchase opportunities, potential Ohio homebuyers can choose between various properties, each with characteristics to suit unique borrower needs. And with a glimpse into the community through the many posts which describe local events and culture, buyers can find the community that best matches their ideal residence. For a pleasant read and a helpful blog, visit and find out what Delaware Ohio is all about.

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