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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/11/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


David Meek is a real estate broker who lives and works in the Indianapolis area of Indiana.  He writes a blog that covers topics relevant to real estate in Indianapolis, and he discusses a wide range of subjects and points of interest.  His blog stands out as a favorite of the blogs we've reviewed thus far, and it's definitely our favorite from Indianapolis.  David is a well informed local expert with an eye for what Indianapolis residents need to know.

His most recent post as of this writing was an analysis of a press release delivered by the Federal Open Market Committee.  He claims that he is "putting today's FOMC statement into plain English."  David pulls out the key points made in the release and discusses why they're relevant to homebuyers.  This is more than  just reporting.  This is advice from an industry insider who knows the game.

Many of David's posts deal with housing market information, such as total inventory available, home sales volumes, home values, and other statistics.  This is crucial information for potential buyers.  But he also includes tips and advice for homeowners, such as how to clean window blinds effectively and how to save money on home energy costs by repairing old seals.

In addition to this, David, unlike many real estate bloggers, also writes frequently about mortgages and events of economic import in the mortgage industry.  We're always glad to see more real estate professionals educating their readers on good mortgage practices.  David does a great job covering this subject for homebuyers in the Indiana area.  One recent post outlined several common mortgage scams to avoid.  Another post detailed the effects that several different financial mistakes would have on an individual's credit score and the effects that this would have on the mortgage application process.

In one post that discussed mortgage rate locks and the financial forecast, he spoke directly to his readers and said, "If you’re shopping for a mortgage rate right now, the prudent move is to lock it up prior to today’s 2:15 PM ET adjournment because, after 2:15 PM ET, we can count on the Fed Funds Rate staying flat, but the same can’t be said for mortgage rates."  This gives you an example of the level of information you'll find on David's blog.

But beyond all this, one of the most outstanding features of David's blog is its clarity.  It's straightforward, written well, easy to read, and pleasantly designed.  He is an effective communicator and he updates his blog constantly with new information.  If you're interested at all in the real estate industry around Indianapolis, check out what David has to say at

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