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Blog Review: Ed Conarchy

Updated on 7/28/2011


Ed Conarchy is a mortgage planner based out of Lake County, Illinois. He’s been in the mortgage industry for 21 years, and works with his clients to teach them that a mortgage can be a powerful and beneficial financial tool.

He runs a wildly successful blog, which we’ve had the enjoyable task of reading. Ed’s blog focuses on educating consumers on how to improve not only their knowledge of mortgages, but also their overall financial health, and judging from his many accolades from his clients, he does a great job of it.

His blog is uniquely distinct from any others we’ve seen in one singular way—it consists of videos of Ed explaining topics that can be difficult for the average person to understand. Having Ed discuss everything from how to correct tax bill errors to how to lower you mortgage payment not only simplifies these things, but also feels like you’re having a personal consultation with Ed for free!

Ed also partners with financial advisor Ric Edelman, and offers a free DVD with tips everyone can use, yet another reason Ed stands out as a guide through not only the world of home mortgages, but personal finance as well. We greatly enjoyed Ed’s well done and informative blog, and we think our visitors will as well. Stop by and pay him a visit! //

Reviewed 7/27/11 by Katarina Combs

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