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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/15/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Jeff Schoenfield is a real estate professional who, along with his wife, Karen, runs a RE/MAX brokerage franchise in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  He also operates a blog that covers topics relevant to the local real estate marketplace, local events, economic, trends, and more.

One of the most notable characteristics of Jeff's blog is the natural feel that you get when reading it.  You get the sense that Jeff is truly sharing part of his own life with you, and the thoughts and observations he shares are truly his own.  Reading his blog, you feel that you really get to know Jeff.  Many real estate professionals simply repost canned content from other internet sources.  Jeff isn't like that.  He's an honest, professional writer.

Much of what he shares on his blog is related to the real estate market in the Gatlinburg area.  He posts frequent market updates complete with graphs that detail the number of homes sold each month.  He contrasts these data with data from previous years, and he tabulates all this information himself.  These aren't statistics you can find easily elsewhere.  And Jeff isn't afraid to let his readers know when sales are slow.  He tells it like it is, with the goal of educating potential homebuyers on how the market is truly faring.

       A screenshot of Jeff's blog, showing marekt stats.

Jeff also writes about foreclosures in the area and often relates experiences that he has had selling or looking at these properties.  His knowledge of the short sale and foreclosure markets is extensive, but he understands the human element as well.  His posts about foreclosures always contain a hint of sadness, unless he's reporting a successful sale.  He shares information about many of his listings on his blog and always includes a variety of photos.

One of the most important elements of Jeff's blog is his focus on the beauty and value of the Gatlinburg area.  He has written more than a few posts about the beauty of the nearby Great Smoky Mountains and the value of the homes in the area.  This local focus includes details such as the autumn colors, snowstorms, school information, local hiking opportunities, and more.  Jeff's blog is a portal to Gatlinburg for homebuyers who are interested in the area.

We were impressed the depth and personality of Jeff's blog, and for these reasons we award it five stars.  Check it out for yourself at

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