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Blog Review: Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/25/2013

gracik makkiney real estate group


The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group Blog provides an excellent set of resources for both home buyers and home sellers alike who are looking to settle into the bustling community of Elmhurst, Illinois.  Updated 2-3 times per week by realtors Maria Gracik and Thomas Makinney, the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group Blog offers useful real estate tips as well as relevant information regarding the community of Elmhurst and the housing market. 

Every weekend, the blog releases a list of Elmhurst’s Open Houses that will be taking place on either Saturday or Sunday.  Each listing includes the price, address and posted time of the open house.

If you’re just looking for some information about Elmhurst, this blog is the right place to go.  The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Blog has a video library that is broken into two categories:  “Home Tours” and “Around Elmhurst.”  Both of these categories do an excellent job at giving buyers/sellers an accurate representation about what exactly life in Elmhurst would be like.  

The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group Blog also delves into the current market trends of Elmhurst and keeps its readers updated with posts that make sure buyer expectations are met and that everyone is in the know of the market conditions and neighborhoods.  If you are an individual who also likes to receive your information through social media, you can check out The Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group’s Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or YouTube channel.

Overall, the Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group Blog gets 5/5 stars for being informative, relevant and concise.  Congratulations, Gracik Makinney Real Estate Group Blog!

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