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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/26/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


The Bob Parks Realty team in Nashville, Tennessee, operates a blog that covers topics relevant to the real estate marketplace and the local area.  Jody Stahly writes many of the posts, but other members of the team contribute often as well. The blog includes information on a variety of subjects, including real estate news, local activities, homebuyer advice, and more.

A recent post went into great deal about the changes that technology has brought about in the real estate industry and how Bob Parks Realty has incorporated the benefits of advanced digital tools into their operations.  This is impressive.  This isn't like the fluff content that many bloggers posts.  Jody and the others at Bob Parks Realty are interested in innovation and enhanced communication, and this shows in their blog.

One recent post alerts readers to several upcoming housing policy discussions hosted by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.  Jody urges fellow real estate professionals and home owners to follow these discussions and participate in them.  This call to action demonstrates the focus that Jody and the Bob Parks Realty team have on legitimate, high quality discourse and education.

In addition, Jody and her coworkers write about local news and events and highlight the benefits and value of the Nashville lifestyle.  One post points readers toward a local philanthropic wine festival taking place.  Another gives advice on where to find scary Halloween activities in the area, while another praises the beauty and value of the local parks.  The Bob Parks Realty team has their priorities straight.  They represent themselves professionally but show a keen sense for the things in life that really matter, such as spending time with family and engaging the community.

Jody and the Bob Parks Realty team run an impressive blog.  We're happy to give it five stars.  Check it out for yourself at

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