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Blog Review: Home Grown Real Estate

Updated on 6/21/2011



Joshua Pettus is a real estate professional who lives and works in Northern Alabama.  In conjunction with his real estate career, Joshua operates a blog, //, that covers topics related to the local Alabama real estate marketplace.  He does an impressive job.  As a local expert, Joshua provides his readers access to a wealth of unique, original information that is updated often.

Joshua  learned construction work while employed by his father at Pettus Mechanical, the family business.  After graduating High School, he spent two years serving as a missionary in Argentina, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently.  Joshua became a real estate agent in 2005, and then began to buy, remodel, and sell his own properties, making him a great resource for any repair or remodeling questions his clients may have when viewing a home.

Joshua’s blog covers topics relevant to the northern Alabama area, including real estate market updates, local news, community highlights, and more.  He also keeps up a steady list of local homes and properties for sale that he represents.  His entries are very well written, and obviously have quite a bit of thought put into them—you won’t find any repetitive blurbs here.

One of his recent posts brought attention to the tragedy and havoc wreaked by the tornados that devastated parts of the South recently, as well as the good deeds that the disaster inspired in the local community, including a plan for Joshua and his brother to provide assistance to his neighbors in need.

We feel this post especially reflects Joshua’s dedication to his community, and applaud him for stepping up in a time when others needed it most.

We suggest all our visitors take a moment to browse through Joshua’s excellent blog. It’s worth a second, third, and fourth look, and one that is highly deserving of our five star rating.


Reviewed 6/20/11 by: Katarina Combs

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