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By Sari R. Updated on 9/25/2013

Lizette Fitzpatrick is a real estate broker who lives and works in the Central Kentucky area, in the beautiful heart of America's horse country.  She is based in Lexington, KY, but the scope of her work extends into multiple cities.  Both as a seller's agent and a buyer's agent, Lizette is an expert on the local area and shows pride in her community and the place she calls home.  Her passion for what she does and her commitment of service to the clients she works with set her apart from other agents in the area.

More than this, though, Lizette stands out as a real estate professional who has taken on the challenges of the digital age and excelled beyond what many agents in her industry accomplish.  Lizette operates several websites, including a unique and interesting blog that hosts over 600 posts she has written over the years.  This is not just a pastime.  Lizette has worked hard to establish herself as an internet leader in the real estate field, and she has succeeded.

Her primary web site,, is well designed and easy to navigate.  She includes an integrated home search function that is specifically tailored to Kentucky and provides access to neighborhood information for each community.  The site is uncluttered, very clear, and easy to navigate.  It's definitely a first stop for anyone looking for real estate in the Central Kentucky area.

Beyond this, Lizette operate a blog that covers "Life, Fun, and Kentucky Real estate."  You can find her blog at  It's a pleasure to read.  If you want to get introduced to the value of the local community and the Central Kentucky lifestyle, this is the place to do so.  Lizette shares home selling tips, real estate advice, photos of the beautiful countryside, news, information about local events, and more.

Lizette also publishes the only Central Kentucky email newsletter on Real Estate.  It's called, "I Love Kentucky News!" and it's a great way to stay updated on local market conditions and opportunities.  It's mailed out each Thursday. Sign up for the newsletter on Lizette's personal website or email her at

Altogether, Lizette has carved out a solid niche for herself on the internet and filled it with valuable information for visitors and potential homebuyers.  Her work to educate and reach out to consumers through the web sets her apart, and for this reason we've awarded her sites five stars.  Check them out for yourself, and we're sure you'll agree.



Lizette Fitzpatrick

The following photos are from Lizette's blog. We included them here to give you a taste of the details and beauty she captures with her work.




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Sari R. is a mortgage editor for Lender411com. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Screenwriting and Public Relations/Advertising from Chapman University. She can be reached at sarelyn@lender411com.

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