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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/27/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Christine McInerney and Jennifer Halinkowski are real estate professionals who live and work in the Knoxville area of Tennessee.  Christine operates a blog,, that covers topics related to real estate and home buying in the local area.  The blog also serves as a window into the real estate activities of Christine and Jennifer and often displays numerous photos and reports on various homes that they are selling or have sold.

Christine makes a point to provide her readers with information about local events and news from the Knoxville area.  She also provides monthly real estate updates from time to time, and she goes into great depth with these reports.  She highlights home sales, prices, inventory, mortgage rates, and other major economic news points.  But that's not all.

Some of the most valuable content on Christine's blog is the information she provides about local cities and towns.  In these posts, which she makes frequently, she provides demographic data for the area, including total population, population growth, income levels, and more.  She provides information about local crime rates, school districts, local hospitals, transportation, home values, and recreational opportunities.  And she provides extensive details.  For example, when discussing transportation options for a town, she'll mention how far the nearest freeways are and where nearby airports are located.  She also writes about each town's history.  This is valuable local information.

One of the biggest highlights of the blog is the glimpse Christine offers of Tennessee homes currently for sale.  If you want to get inspired about Knoxville real estate, check out some of her listings and the way she displays them on her blog.  We've honestly never seen listings with so many photos for each property.  The information for each home is extensive and well written.  If you're at all interested in real estate in the Knoxville area, we highly recommend that you visit Christine's blog, at least to get a feel for what's available.  Of course, we think you'll be convinced to trust her as a valuable local expert as well.

Altogether, we were very impressed with the depth and detail of the content Christine provides on her blog, and for that reason we give her blog five stars.  Check it out for yourself, and we're sure you'll agree.

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