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Updated on 12/14/2011

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Lance grew up in Las Vegas, moving to Hawaii in 1984, has been a local resident here for the last 19 years. Having Real-estate as his career for the last 8 years Lance is an expertise in long distance purchase’s with specialization in Canadian Clientele, Distressed properties, is the most experienced short sale agent on the Big Island. Lance spends his free time riding horses, taking his motorcycles and camping on the shoreline, also heading up to Mauna Kea with his son using his boogie board for a sled. Yes that is correct, Hawaii has snow in the colder seasons and when his son and him get to the snow they just head down to the beach with that same boogie board and tear up some waves.

Lance writes with a unique and flavorful style.  It's honestly fun to read his posts.  He writes with wit and finds a way to keep his subject matter interesting.  In a recent post, he outlined the results of Kailua Kona Real Estate Market Recovery - Up 10% as of December 2011.  Lance is explaining to the public’s eye how prices are what prices are. When prices were down in January 2009 and no one was willing to buy a new home, he expressed his fears for the market and reported the dismal sales statistics in which only 7 homes in Kailua Kona were sold. Comparing the past year’s sales to today’s sales, Lance states he has recovered with 3 years of consistent increases he can safely say recovery is here.

The first notable characteristic of Lance’s blog is his style.  This is not a quality to ignore.  Many blogs, though informative, are difficult to understand and laborious to read.  Lance's blog is not one of these.  He is a gifted writer, and he communicates clearly and cleverly in his posts.

He spends significant time reporting on the beauty of the Kailua Kona, Hawaii area. Lance describes the serene Hawaiian lifestyle in detail and claims that there is value to be found there beyond simple real estate, though he certainly advocates the value of the local land and homes as well.

He covers local news as well.  He does this with wit, intelligence, and a hint of sarcasm.  His work is enjoyable to read and valuable to study.

All told, Lance’s blog is an excellent resource for potential homebuyers who wish to learn about real estate in the Kailua Kona, Hawaii area. Check out what he has to say at //   

By Katarina Combs            

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