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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/2/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Richard Bolen is a real estate agent who operates a blog focused on the housing market in the South Lake Tahoe, CA, area.  His blog covers topics related to market news, local conditions, macroeconomic trends, and more, and it's the best we've seen about the Tahoe area.

The first notable characteristic of Richard's blog is his style.  This is not a quality to ignore.  Many blogs, though informative, are difficult to understand and laborious to read.  Richard's blog is not one of these.  He is a gifted writer, and he communicates clearly and cleverly in his posts.

Richard provides detailed reports on real estate market conditions on a regular basis.  These reports include monthly home sales, total home sales, distressed property home sales, sales-to-date, median prices, and other statistics.  This analysis will prove invaluable to anyone seeking information on the Lake Tahoe community.  But Richard is not just a numbers guy.

He spends significant time reporting on the beauty of the Lake Tahoe area.  One post in particular describes in heartfelt detail the wonder of living in such a quiet, refreshing place, high in the mountains, surrounded by clear air.  He describes the serene Tahoe lifestyle in detail and claims that there is value to be found there beyond simply real estate, though he certainly advocates the value of the local land and homes as well.

He covers local news as well as national news.  He even gives his feedback and professional analysis of major stories and columns run in papers such as the New York Times.  He does this with wit, intelligence, and a hint of sarcasm.  His work is enjoyable to read and valuable to study.

All told, Richard's blog is an excellent resource for potential homebuyers who wish to learn about real estate in the South Lake Tahoe, CA, area.  Check out what he has to say at

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