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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/27/2013

Phyllis Harb is a Realtor in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.  She writes and operates a blog that covers topics related to the local real estate market.  And it's a joy to read.  Market statistics, personal experiences, transaction details, step-by-step information, and general advice are just a few of the resources Phyllis provides her readers.

If you want monthly, city-by-city reports on real estate market conditions, Phyllis's blog is the place to find them.  But it's not just market stats.  Phyllis provides interesting, unique posts that cover a variety of topics related to real estate.  In one post from August, she analyzes five distressed home sales made by lenders in the La Canada area.  She points out the discrepancies between the values of the original homes and the final selling prices and tabulates the full amount lost by La Canada lenders.  It's a huge amount.  You can't get this kind of insider information just anywhere on the internet, and it's information well worth knowing.

In the midst of all this financial data, however, Phyllis keeps things lively and fun.  One recent post explained what not to do when shooting photos to post on the MLS.  She showed some "bad example" photos from a home that had recently been put up for sale, which included, among others, a picture of the current owner's hat.  "Ridiculous" was Phyllis's word for it, and she's right.  But gems like these are what make her blog unique and interesting.

She's also there to lend a hand.  One post lists several "foreclosure alternatives" for Southern California homeowners.  In another post, she explains how to file a "soot and ash" claim for homeowners whose homes have been indirectly damaged by wildfires.  This is important information for individuals who live or plan to live in and around the Los Angeles area.

You can tell that Phyllis isn't just out for money.  She genuinely cares about the local community.  This is a characteristic you definitely want in a real estate agent.

Altogether, I enjoyed and was impressed by Phyllis's knowledge and good heart.  You'll find information on home prices, mortgage rates, local news, and more at  Check it out.

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