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Blog Review:

Updated on 7/28/2011



David Blockhus is a real estate consultant based in Los Altos who runs an excellent site and blog,

David was raised in Los Altos, and is deeply familiar with the area, as well as the greater south Bay Area and peninsula. This first-hand knowledge, combined with an impressive 18 year history in the industry, makes David and his site a very beneficial resource for anyone looking to purchase a home in the Bay Area.

Combining technology with interpersonal communication can be difficult to manage, but David seems to have the concept down pat. He uses social media as well as telephone and in person meetings as a way to connect with his clients.

His site is well organized, and offers great features, such as a home search tool, videos, and sections for both luxury properties and bank owned listings, and his blog posts are fresh, original, and up to date. His entries not only cover local events in the area, such as a recent art wine festival, but also spotlight other points of interest, such as why a remodel might actually hurt the value of your home.

Visiting was a great way for us to discover more about the Bay Area community, and we feel that all our visitors who are looking for a resource in this locale would benefit from stopping by David’s site. Check it out here: //


Reviewed 7/28/11 by Katarina Combs

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