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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/10/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum



Joe Hayden is a real estate agent and Realtor who lives and works in the Louisville area of Kentucky.  He runs a unique personal website that provides informational tools and resources to homebuyers interested in a purchase in or around Louisville.  Joe's site is designed well.  It's clean, clear, easy to read, and simple to navigate.  It's one of the best personal agent websites we've seen.

Joe's blog is designed to offer visitors a glimpse of the Louisville community flavor, and Joe does an amazing job pointing out upcoming events and offering comments on local happenings.  His blog is possibly the most extensive collection of such glimpses outside a tourism site or visitors bureau.  He posts news about coming festivals and community programs, including everything from concerts to art fairs to organic grocery purchase clubs.  This is detailed local information that anyone interested in a home in Louisville will want to know.

Joe also provides extensive information regarding local schools in the area and has aggregated an impressive list of links to county, district, and individual school websites.  Your search for a local school is as simple as a few clicks.  In addition to this, Joe's site includes an automatically updated, real-time crime map for the area that lists criminal activity as it is reported.  This is a brave thing to do, since crime reports might turn away potential homebuyers.  But Joe takes pride in his city and freely offers the information that he believes his visitors should have.  It's refreshing to see this kind of openness and honesty displayed.

Another valuable resource Joe provides is an extensive seven-step buyer's guide that outlines the seven critical steps involved in buying a home properly.  He includes steps such as deciding whether or not you should buy a home in the first place, developing a list of needs and wants, and others.  Joe is a Realtor who wants to help his clients buy a home right the first time.

Altogether, Joe Hayden's website is a favorite of ours.  We give him five stars for his community focus and the depth of the content and tools he provides.  If you want to find valuable information about Louisville, KY real estate, check out his site at

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