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Blog Review for Kris Waless

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/25/2013

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Kris Wales is a real estate agent in Macomb County, Michigan.  She represents buyers and sellers all across the greater Detroit metropolitan area.  She writes a blog that covers topics relevant to the local real estate market, including home buying tips, new FHA laws, mortgage advice, local news, and other information.

What sets Kris's blog apart from other real estate blogs is her sincerity and openness.  When you read what she's written, you get the sense that you're really getting to know her and learning what she thinks.  You feel you can trust her, that she's credible and experienced.  These are perhaps the two most valuable traits to find in a real estate professional.

Her writing is crisp and to-the-point.  Her style is informative and informal, which makes her blog an enjoyable and easy read.  One recent post outlines the recent changes in the FHA's condo purchase guidelines.  Another warn buyers to beware of bank-owned homes that aren't required to disclose negative or dangerous elements found during inspection.  This is useful, local information that you won't find elsewhere.

Kris put a particular emphasis on assisting homebuyers with the mortgage process, something we would love to see more real estate experts focused on.  She points her readers toward resources and companies who can assist them with their mortgage search, and provides advice on how to get the most out of the mortgage process.

More than this, Kris shows in her blog that she genuinely cares about the people she works with.  In one post, she outlines the dangers of viewing a home that is infested with mold or mildew.  She recommends that potential buyers keep their children out of such places when looking for a home, and even offers to walk through each home herself before allowing any clients in.  This takes heart.  This takes character.

We were impressed with Kris's blog.  Her honesty, community focus, and professional skill win this blog five stars.  Check it out at

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