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Blog Review: Minnesota Real Estate Daily

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 9/25/2013

mortgages unlimited joe metzler

For an engaging and informative read on real estate topics, Minnesota residents and real estate enthusiasts should read the Minnesota Real Estate Daily blog. Written by mortgage professional Joe Metzler, this blog provides a wealth of information about a variety of topics, conveyed with a professional tone and enriched with what can only be many fruitful years of experience in this industry. Despite the subject, each post contains thorough details and insight, including relevant quotations. From analysis of mortgage rate trends to professional mortgage advice, Joe Metzler puts effort into each post, and it shows.

For instance, the most recent addition to the blog, titled “Why do short-sales take so long?” considers every possible question and issue which homeowners undergoing short-sales might raise, explaining each step of the short-sale process and providing an understandable and factually-based answer. Another article I found particularly knowledgeable is Metzler’s, “Should you refinance, modify, buy, or run away?” This post comprehensively explores the available options of homeowners in this somewhat unstable housing market economy, delving into the advantages and disadvantages of each.

With regular posts and exceptional content, the Minnesota Real Estate Daily blog is a must-read, even for interested parties living in another state. Metzler’s dedication to providing stimulating content is only surpassed by the experience which each post conveys. Congratulations Joe Metzler on your excellent blog, which genuinely deserves a Lender411 recommendation and this 5 star rating.

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