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Blog Review for Teri Eckholm

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/25/2013

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Teri Eckholm is a Realtor who operates in the Northern Minneapolis suburban area, around Blaine and the Forest Lake school district.  She writes a blog centered on the local real estate market that covers subjects such as home prices, recent sales, market statistics, and lifestyle opportunities.  Her posts frequently include beautiful photos of the area, and her writing style is openly fun and easy to read.  But this is not all Teri offers.

Teri takes special care to focus her blog toward first time home buyers.  Much of what she writes is educational.  Her goal is to help prepare new and inexperienced buyers for the process of purchasing a home, and she writes with wit and care and the perspective of a mentor.  One creative, ongoing set of articles explores the definition of various real estate terms.  Teri discusses words like "escrow" and "equity" and explains what they mean in simple language.  Escrow, for example, is different in Minnesota than in some other states, and it takes a local expert to make unsure buyers aware of this.

Her posts also include links to other valuable articles both on her blog and elsewhere.  There is no lack of information available, and if you're interested in learning about real estate or the home purchase process, Teri's blog provides hours of material for you to explore.

Of course, Teri is an active real estate professional as well, and her blog often features some of the homes currently available in the marketplace.  A given post will point out ten or more homes, all with certain features that make them stand out as good deals.  She looks especially for homes that will serve as good investments for first time buyers and features collections of these homes frequently.

Regardless of where you stand in the home buying process, Teri's blog is a great place to begin or continue learning about real estate.  Check out what she has to say at

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