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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/15/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Grant Hammond is a real estate broker and entrepreneur who lives and works in the Nashville area of Tennessee.  He's an industry leader in the purest sense of the word.  Grant's website, a blog located at, is one of the most useful, detailed real estate sites we've come across, and it's without doubt one of the best that covers the Nashville area.

Sleek, navigable, and filled with unique articles and original analysis, Grant's industry expertise is readily evident.  His blog focuses on market statistics and economic trends, local condo developments, home buying, home selling, financial forecasts, investing, and more.  He has established a specific informational niche for himself as an expert on Nashville condos and urban living.

And Grant has been at this for a while.  His blog archives date back to midyear 2005, with multiple posts and updates per month.  Grant isn't pretending to have his finger on the pulse of the local real estate market.  He's truly the expert, and the wealth of knowledge he has poured into his blog proves it.

For example, read this snippet from a post he wrote back in March.  "Since December 2009, market inventories have been increasing at surprising rates, 14.2% in just over 2 months. Clearly, the decreased absorption rate during this period is disappointing, but the trend reversal is the more distressing item for me. During the same period in 2008-2009, Nashville inventory levels only rose 8.56%."  Bam.  Right to the point, yet this tiny paragraph is packed with useful information.

        A screenshot of the homepage of Grant's site.

He often posts listings on his blog, a practice many real estate professionals adhere to.  Grant takes it a step further.  Each of his listings is accompanied by an article that explores the unique characteristics of the property.  He also includes local market information and other relevant data regarding the home or condo, such as comparable sales prices in the area and development site plans.

A small side note that bears mentioning is the fact that Grant's articles and posts often generate multiple comments from intelligent readers who wish to continue the conversation.  Grant himself typically joins the discussions as well.  This is something you rarely observe on a real estate website, and it shows that Grant's blog is more than just a sales page.  It's an educational, informational resource.

In Grant's own "About Me" section on his site, he writes, " I am a lover of statistics, trends, forecasts and all things predictable and measurable."  He writes of his passion for solid financial management and intelligent market research.  He closes with the statement, "If you want a real estate broker who tells you the truth, does not have a sales pitch and treats each real estate transaction like a business, you should contact me."

Another screenshot, this one from a market update post.

Needless to say, we are hugely impressed with the aggregation of market wisdom and advice that Grant has made available through his blog.  We hope he keeps it up, and for as long as he does, we recommend that all our Tennessee visitors check out his site for information on real estate in the Nashville area.

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