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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/11/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Jason Opland is a broker and real estate professional in the Columbus, Ohio, area.  He is a Columbus native who loves his city and has made it his mission to inform potential homebuyers and residents of the benefits and opportunities that exist for Columbus citizens.  He does a great job of this through both his blog and his website.  We'll cover both in this review.

Jason's website,, is unique in terms of its scope and depth.  While many real estate websites simply provide information about a specific agent and list homes for sale, Jason has designed his site to provide extensive information about every local neighborhood in the Columbus area.  By extensive, we mean extremely detailed.  He includes local histories, freeway proximities, minutes to downtown, entertainment opportunities, and far more for each area.  He even writes about the outlying communities around Columbus.

Jason's website is a significant destination if you're searching for local area expertise.  His site also includes links to information about home buying, home selling, what to do if you're facing foreclosure, and more.

Jason's blog, which is connected to his website, contains a similar depth of content.  Each post is highly detailed and extensive, more like serious articles than blog posts.  Jason covers numerous topics relevant to homebuyers and homeowners.  He answers difficult questions, such as whether or not you should stop making mortgage payments during a short sale, and explains complex topics, such as how to use bankruptcy to delay foreclosure or save your home.  He also discusses the details of short sales with different banks one by one, as the process as different depending on your mortgage holder.

Jason also includes housing market reports that hit on key statistics from the area.  These reports contain information that any Columbus homebuyer should know, and Jason analyzes the information and provides his thoughts on the future of the marketplace.

Jason's site and his blog stand out among real estate resources in the Columbus area.  Check out what he has to say at his website, and we're sure you'll agree.

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