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Updated on 7/6/2011



Norma Toering has been specializing in Palos Verdes & Rolling Hills realty since 1992.  She frequently writes on her blog, //, regarding updates on home sales reports, opinions and tips on local realty, and additional relevant information.  Norma started taking real estate classes in 1989, shortly after her youngest child started school, and has since then bought and sold homes all over the USA.  Two of Mrs. Toering’s sons also work in real estate and another is in college after completing four years of serving under the Marine Corps.  Norma herself is a former 1st grade teacher and her daughter is currently a fourth grade teacher in the Palos Verdes Unified School District, which means she can give you an insider’s view on why the school is such an excellent one—a high attractor for living in the area.

Norma’s blog has already been recognized several times for its unique and contemporary quality. Ever since Norma started writing on it in late 2007, she’s kept up a remarkable average of about 40 posts a month! That’s impressive. One of her more recent posts, “What’s In and What’s Out of Real Estate?” contemplates how one can adapt to more modern takes and trends within the business.

Not only is Norma’s blog appealing to individuals interested in real estate, it grabs readers’ attention with articles like “A Little Guilty Pleasure Can Be a Simple Luxury Such as Sleeping In an Extra Hour or Two”.  Posts like this are what makes it a globally accessible blog. You’ll never be bored, because this blog has both quality and quantity! It’s certainly one worthy of our five-star rating.

Reviewed 7/6/11 by: Aria Olia

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