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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/21/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Irina Netchaev is a broker who lives and works in the Pasadena area of California.  She operates numerous websites and is one of the most tech savvy real estate professionals we've reviewed.  Her primary blog,, covers topics related to real estate and the local community in the Pasadena area.  It's a blog worth visiting.

The entire site is a delight.  It's laid out in an attractive, easily navigable fashion, and is filled with useful information and valuable tools.  Of the real estate sites we've reviewed, this one is a favorite.  The design is vintage and inviting.  More importantly, however, Irina provides a wealth of content aimed toward educating potential homebuyers and improving the home sale or home purchase experience for her visitors.  She communicates this mission herself on her site.  "Our goal is to provide a website with on-line tools and information which will give power to the consumers in Pasadena and surrounding areas."  We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

She provides helpful tips and real estate advice to readers as well as information regarding local events, news, economic data, and more.  Posts cover topics such as how to remove the odor of cigarette smoke from a home, how to lock in a mortgage rate, and the benefits of an FHA loan.

One of the most unique aspects of Irina's blog is her "365 Things to Do" series, an ongoing set of 365 posts chronicling the wide variety of activities and adventures available to Pasadena locals.  What better way to introduce homebuyers to the vibrant Pasadena community?  Simply reading through these posts is a fun and enlightening experience, and it's a powerful way to give future residents a taste of life in Pasadena.

Altogether, Irina's blog is one of the best we've come across.  We're proud to award her five stars for the work she has done and is continuing to do with real estate.  Check out her blog for yourself and we're sure you'll agree.

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