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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/21/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum



Zachary Epps is a real estate professional who lives and works in the area of Boulder, CO.  He operates a blog that covers topics relevant to the local real estate industry, and he does it in a unique and exciting way.

He's media savvy.  His posts almost always include videos that capture the homes or land he's in the process of selling.  The video on his homepage is extremely well done and is worth watching even if you're not interested in real estate.  It's a great example of how to craft a video that communicates clearly and creates excitement.  Zachary definitely stands out when it comes to using media to market real estate.

He's involved in selling more than just typical homes and condos.  One of his current properties is a private airport in the Rocky Mountains.  Interesting?  These are reasons enough to check out his blog.  But Zachary also offers a unique perspective on the Boulder, CO, area that you won't find elsewhere.  As a thirty year Boulder resident, he knows the area well, and provides videos with many of his listings that capture the views, the landscapes, and other details about properties he's selling.

As a local expert, one of the major sources of information on his blog is a guide that he has created to introduce newcomers and residents alike to the Boulder area.  He calls it "The Boulder Real Estate and Neighborhood Guide," and it is filled with as much real estate and neighborhood information as a homebuyer could possibly need.  It's clear that Zachary takes great pride in the city he calls his home.

He writes about trends in the local real estate market, macroeconomic news, foreclosure rates, and more.  Everything he writes is intended to educate readers and point out the value of the area.  He even posts videos showing nothing more or less than the beauty of local hiking trails.

Altogether, Zachary's blog is one of the most unique and informative we've seen from the Boulder area of Colorado.  He takes a creative and engaging approach to educating viewers about real estate, and for this reason we give this blog five stars.  Check it out at

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