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By Stevie Duffin Updated on 8/15/2012

To anyone involved in real estate or considering real estate investment, the Real Estate Investing (REI) blog at is a valuable resource, containing a wealth of knowledge concerning all things home related. Unlike traditional blogs, this particular blog is not written by a sole author, but instead combines the efforts of many real estate professionals who each contribute their experience and knowledge, conveying ideas in a unique style from author to author. With multiple contributors, this blog possesses a flavor of its own while providing reliable information and indispensable professional opinion.

Lender411 Blog Review

When navigating the blog, articles are conveniently categorized with relevant tags for easy access to articles pertaining to any real-estate related topic, including mortgage, selling property, rehabbing, and many more. In terms of content, posts range from insightful market trend observations to incredibly advantageous real estate tips to user-friendly videos, each containing valuable information for any interested in real estate investment. For instance, in a recent video post, contributor Frank Chen thoroughly explains the process of filling out tenant lease agreements. One of many in a series, this video provides detailed information on how to handle every possible issue that may arise when managing a tenant lease agreement.  In addition, Dmitriy Fomichenko, another regular contributor, wrote a concise, well-organized, and easily understandable post on the 10 Must-Have Documents, effectively detailing ten documents that everyone should acquire for legal purposes in preparation for the future.

These two examples illustrate only a small portion of the Real Estate Investing blog’s utility; with a handful of contributors, the blog is truly an invaluable resource to aspiring investors and professionals alike. Congratulations to all of the contributors of this fantastic blog.

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Stevie is the Senior Editor at Lender411. She manages the site's Authorship Program and social media pages. Stevie graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS. Contact her: stevie@lender411com.

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