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Blog Review: Save a few Thousand

Updated on 9/25/2013

After reading David's blog and viewing his site, I couldn't help but admire the way he portrays himself, the company, and the industry. As a real estate broker that models himself after George Bailey of 'It's A Wonderful Life', David takes pride in his professionalism, community, and overall presentation. This is very apparent from the testimonials of his clients and their acclaim for his sincerity and expertise. David Zadareky graduated from Clemson University and currently has teamed up with RE/MAX Evolution to continue his personal pursuit of making people happy.

The blog is very aesthetic and contemporary, sticks to a simple color format, easy navigation, and a clean template. His articles dive deeper than just the simple market analysis or keypoints one would expect from a blog, his passion for community and family-life permeate through his articles. He goes beyond the financial aspects, and helps potential home owners paint a picture of a dream home, like in his article 'For the Ideal Alexandria Home, Create a Home Vision'. No matter where I read, David's "George Bailey" is almost prescient in his work.

The navigation is very streamlined, no struggles to find a topic or category, or specific article. The blog is also integrated into his main site, making for an easy transition for home buyers researching and shopping. In summary, David Zadareky does an excellent job of adding the personal touch to his blog and keeping to his mission of benefiting people's lives.

By Katarina Combs

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