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Updated on 12/27/2011

Blog Review:


Mike has been a licensed Georgia Real Estate broker since 1998. Growing up in Athens, Georgia, Mike has completed an impressive 195 transaction sides so far on his journey to becoming one of Georgia’s top professional. In September of 2011, Mike was named one of “America’s Top Real Estate Professionals” by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends. Mike is a member of “The Thousand Top Real Estate Professionals”. Mike has an impressive ranking with the real estate world; he is in the top 0.5% of more than 1.1 million REALTORS nationwide.

What sets Mike’s blog apart from others is his ability to graphically and numerically analyze economic trends.  Mike’s articles illustrate the ins and outs of the entire real-estate process for consumers and professionals alike. Currently he has recently focused on explaining the “Need help with your mortgage?” and how it applies to interested parties. His article, Need help with your mortgage?, delves into some of the questions sellers; experienced or new; should ask themselves before and during the mortgage payment process.

Mike’s blog is a prime example of easy, simplified, and efficient navigation. His articles are listed by categories as well as archived by date. He gives the befuddled or confused home buyer a powerful set of tools, including his home-finding wizard “Having a Hard Time Finding a Home to Buy?”. Mike lays out the simplest and most efficient resources in order for his visitors and consumers to have the biggest edge when finding a home.

All told, Mike’s blog is an excellent resource for potential homebuyers who wish to learn more about real estate in the Watkinsville, Georgia area.  You'll find information on home prices, mortgage rates, local news, and more.  Learn from Mike at //

Review by: Katarina Combs

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