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Updated on 12/12/2011

Kristyn is a down-to-earth mother who strives for meeting her clients' needs and providing the most personal customer service possible. She emphasizes enjoying the process of getting a new home,  not creating stress for the client with the transaction. She takes her job seriously and has a passionate work ethic to stand out from the rest of her competition. She's a very active individual that enjoys running and supporting her two teenage daughters.

Kristyn takes the approach towards real estate to a new level in her blog. Her articles focus on the constant activity of Oklahoma City, the events, the holidays, and the benefits of being a resident in this part of town. She personalizes this blog, adding her own stories or events to articles to create meaningful content rather than listing figures or re-hasing market predictions. She understands what the true value of marketting is, because when you get down to it, the best way to sell a house is showing how compatable, friendly, and fun the community is. Articles like "Urban Living OKC Style!" tells the daily account of a woman who loves the industry and loves what she does. And when Kristyn writes about it, she knows what she's talking about. It's like asking a third-generation "sooner" where the hot spots are, what the history of the town is, where the best restraunts are, or who throws the best parties. As a foreigner to Oklahoma City, this blog just oozes with the ins-and-outs of whats popping there.

Her site format is simple, clean, and professional. It presents itself like a diary or journal, very easy to follow and addictive to read. The navigation allows easy access to her listings, mortgage lenders that she's had history with, estate sales, you name it. Sell a Metro Home is what blogs are all about, an online commentary on her life.

Today, the blogging world is bogged down by 'content farmers' or technical superiority when really what made them attractive to readers in the first place is the enticing articles and personal perspectives of the author. I urge you to read this blog if you're looking for a home in Oklahoma City, or are a blogger yourself and need to grab some ideas of what makes a blog pop. Kristyn does an amazing job of mastering the art of blogging.

By Katarina Combs

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