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By Stevie Duffin Updated on 8/2/2012

For Bay Area homeowners and prospective homeowners, the Signature Homes Lender411 Blog Reviewblog, also known as the SigHomes Clubhouse, is not only a charmingly written blog but also helpful resource in finding out about local real estate opportunities. As one might expect, the blog includes pertinent home sales information for the area and includes wonderful special offers for potential buyers. The Signature Homes Blog additionally presents a great image of its communities, posting updates on all manner of community events, from fun festivals such as Thirsty Thursdays in Downtown Livermore to relevant regional development that could affect real estate.  Coupled with the detailed descriptions of Bay Area communities, this blog truly imparts a sense of each region’s personality and flavor with enough charm to make anyone want to purchase a home and live there.

In addition to its community updates, the Signature Homes Blog offers enormously helpful tips and insights applicable to all new home buyers, including the useful Signature Homes Tips: Reduce your Moving Costs. Well written and easy to absorb, these tips are invaluable to homeowners and future homeowners alike; with the stress and expense of moving, reading these tips from this blog could save you not only some money but also a headache.

The Signature Homes blog genuinely connects its readers to life in its communities and is a great read for anyone considering moving, especially to those moving around the San Francisco area. Like its titular website, the Signature Homes Blog is well-organized and concise with a pleasant tone and a friendly manner. One expects nothing less from the company that won the 2010 Builder of the Year award. 5 stars well-earned, congratulations Signature Homes!

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