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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/21/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Teresa Boardman is a licensed Realtor in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Her blog, which covers Saint Paul real estate, is one of the best we've seen on the topic.  Her style is both professional and open, informational and informal, and you'll find stats on macroeconomic financial trends alongside local Saint Paul neighborhood news.

Teresa's blog is full of vibrant, high-quality photographs, more so than any other real estate blog we've viewed.  It's clear that Teresa values and respects the power of visual media to tell stories and convey emotions.  She's good at photography, and some of her posts are worth checking out just for the pictures, even if you're not into real estate.

Posts cover a variety of topics, but the ones that are the most eye catching are those that focus on the day-to-day life of Teresa's Saint Paul neighbors.  Recently she wrote a post about a neighbor's house that burned.  The post included a few of Teresa's trademark high-end photographs, but it showed something else as well.  It showed heart.  Teresa is a Realtor who cares about the properties, homes, and families in Saint Paul, and she communicates this in her blog.

Teresa's blog includes a tool that allows users to search local real estate listings.  I didn't try it out, since I'm not in the market for a home, but it offers MLS access and seems at least as thorough as any other listing tool I've seen.  The tool allows searches of previously sold homes as well, which can be useful when gauging local market conditions.

This is what Teresa offers her readers—a view of life in Saint Paul through the eyes of someone who has clearly made it her mission to know the city inside and out.  She communicates this in her profile, where she describes herself as a Realtor and a broker, a "blogger, writer, photographer and speaker," and a "life long resident of St. Paul."  She is undoubtedly the most qualified professional to speak on the topic of real estate and news for the area.

Altogether, we're impressed with  You'll find information on home prices, mortgage rates, local news, and more.  Check out what she has to say.  Teresa also runs a blog devoted solely to her photography at, which is well worth exploring.  Enjoy the visit!

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