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Blog Review for Sunny Isles Miami Real Estate News & Blog Posts

Updated on 2/15/2011

Reviewed by Shannon Arnold


The members of the Sunny Realty team have set themselves apart from other Miami, FL, real estate professionals in  number of ways.  They have established themselves as the local leader in Miami condo and luxury home sales, and their blog and website prove and confirm this.  Their website offers immense functionality, including some of the best features and details we've seen on any Miami real estate site, and their blog is updated frequently with unique, valuable home buying advice and market reports.

The Sunny Realty team clearly takes pride in the city and state they call home, and many blog articles detail the benefits of the area and the beauty of the local beaches and establishments.  Other posts talk about the luxury available to buyers from all different walks of life.  Many posts, however, simply point to the health and vibrancy of the Miami, FL, real estate marketplace.

As thought leaders in the luxury condo space, much of what the Sunny Realty team writes about has to do with the advantages and profitability of the Miami condo lifestyle.  Most of the best Miami condos have been featured at least once on the blog, and details such as price per square foot, security features, and fitness amenities are discussed. If you're interested in any aspect of this type of real estate, the Sunny Realty team is the expert voice in the community.

More than one article focuses on the features and value of environmentally friendly real estate.  The Sunny Realty team values the local community and strives to make a positive impact through the advice and information they publish.

Altogether, we were impressed with the Sunny Realty team's site and blog.  If you want to learn from these professionals, check out their blog at

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