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Blog Review for T.D. Smith

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/26/2013

T.D. Smith and Chris Sommers operate a blog that covers subjects relevant to the local real estate market in Telluride, CO, and they are among the most well qualified real estate professionals in the area.  T.D. Smith has been involved in the Telluride real estate marketplace from the time of the town's early development, and he worked directly with the master developer of much of the area's high-end real estate.  Chris is also a local resident and a skilled broker with a track record of success.  T.D. and Chris stand out among the upper echelon of Colorado real estate professionals.

They bring their love for the Telluride area to life through their blog, which covers subjects such as local news, market conditions, macroeconomic projections, local daily life, and more.  T.D. and Chris write extensively about the value of the area, both for recreation and investment purposes.  Their passion for the Telluride lifestyle is readily apparent.

An early post from February of this year reports on the snow powder conditions at a local ski resort.  A recent post outlines a movement by the Colorado Association of Realtors to donate significant funds to the victims of a recent forest fire.  Other news covers the top-level rank achieved by the Telluride school district.  T.D. and Chris also provide local market statistics and sales reports, information that is particularly useful for individuals planning to purchase a home or invest in the Telluride area.

T.D. and Chris also post information and photos regarding some of their listings.  These properties are always high-quality and unique and express some of the beauty of the Telluride region.  T.D. and Chris don't use their blog as a listing tool, however.  The properties they present are interesting and worth exploring.

T.D. and Chris are among the most experienced real estate professionals in Colorado, and they don't hesitate to share their wisdom through their blog.  Their honesty, commitment to the community, and professional expertise win this blog five stars.  Check it out at  We think you'll be impressed.

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