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Updated on 12/12/2011

Blog Review:


Kathy Koops is a licensed realtor in Ohio for the last 22 years. Prior to becoming a licensed realtor she worked for the old AT&T for 17 years.  Kathy has been engaged in all facets of the business ranging from sales, management to relocation and as a result she has a slightly different perspective on the amazing world of real estate to share with the public and colleagues. Kathy has been elected and served a three year term as the Director for the Cincinnati area board of realtors as well as one year term as the President.

Kathy’s articles understandably focus more on the greater Cincinnati area.  As an example, the latest post dated December 5th, 2011, explains how potential home buyers in Cincinnati are waiting for the next wave of foreclosures to hit the market, even though it might take a while for these properties to become available. For many, the opportunity to purchase a great property at a discounted price is worth the long time it takes to finally get offers that the slow moving banks will accept. The best “Blue Light” special might be the house in your favorite area listed by a motivated seller.

What sets Kathy’s blog apart from others is her ability to graphically and numerically analyze economic trends.  Many of her posts include charts and financial data, and Kathy makes it a point, as often as possible, to include visual representations of the information she is covering.  Kathy’s blog actually offers (365 things to do in Cincinnati) in the “thecincyblogline” section of her blog, she has numerous articles relating to sellers, purchasers, informational down to an entertainment section in her blog.

Kathy’s blog is an excellent resource for potential homebuyers who wish to learn about real estate in the Cincinnati, OH, area.  You'll find information on home prices, mortgage rates, local news, and more.  Learn from Kathy at //

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