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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 9/21/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Todd Abelson and Tyler Ford, are mortgage lenders located in Tucson, AZ.  In addition to their mortgage business, however, they operate a blog that covers topics related to real estate, home buying, financial news, and the mortgage process.  Their blog is rich with useful information, and as a resource for potential homebuyers, it's one of the best we've seen from the Tucson area.

Did you know that homes, right now, are a bit cheaper due to low back-to-school spending?  Macroeconomic factors such as this influence mortgage rates, and Todd and Tyler explain how.  This is one of many topics they cover in their blog.  Do you know which metropolitan areas are the most affordable?  Todd and Tyler have a chart that explains how you can find out.  Did you know that home prices have increased over recent months, but not if you live in Las Vegas, and not, it turns out, if you live in certain parts of Arizona?  Todd and Tyler break this down with a graphical analysis of the trend, and they're the best authorities on the subject.  After all, they're local to Arizona.  Tyler, in fact, has lived there all his life.

Best of all, though, Todd and Tyler provide weekly video updates of the local real estate situation.  It's a fun, engaging way to get news and information related to home buying in the Tucson area.  We've never seen another mortgage blog that does this, at least not in the Tucson area.  If you want to educate yourself on real estate and mortgages, start here.

All told, Todd and Tyler's blog is an excellent resource for potential homebuyers who wish to learn about real estate in the Tucson, AZ, area.  You'll find information on home prices, mortgage rates, local news, and more.  Check out what they have to say at

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