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Blog Review:

Updated on 8/3/2011



Cindy Jones is a realtor based in Woodbridge, VA. She runs an excellent blog, Clean, attractive, and easy to navigate, this blog definitely caught our eye.

Often punctuated with charming cartoons, videos, or other supplemental content, Cindy’s posts are definitely an enjoyable read. Several posts center around her work to assist families with HAP benefits, a topic she’s quite knowledgeable about after having helped 30 military families sell their homes using HAP benefits in the past year alone.

There are many entertaining anecdotes throughout Cindy’s blog as well. One recent entry about a home that didn’t quite live up to its description of being ‘move-in ready’ made us chuckle out loud, as did a post about an offer she received that was so far under the list price, calling it a low-ball bid would be too generous.

The tabs at the top of the blog also offer a lot of helpful information to visitors. There are links to everything from moving tips to area info, as well as FAQ’s, a listing search, and a mortgage calculator.

Reading through Cindy’s blog definitely provides a great overall picture of her professional experience. She keeps up to date with the industry, as well as her education in real estate, evidenced by her attainment of the Certified Residential Specialist designation, which is earned by only 4% of realtors. Even more impressively, she’s also an Accredited Real Estate Consultant, which is earned by only 1% of realtors. Stop by her blog and see for yourself what a great resource it is!


Reviewed 8/3/11 by Katarina Combs

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