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Updated on 11/30/2011

Jolene Burke is a real estate agent of Virginia and has been passionate about her state sinc eliving there in 1986. She is a very family-oriented wife of a serviceman and has a certain aura about her that portrays compassion and motherly intuition. She has been in the sales and marketing industry for 24 years and has applied this experience towards her Realtor profession.

The blog stands out as more than a market analysis or home listing database. It really is a center for home owners and home buyers that wish to get as much out of their house as possible. It's also a great way to research communities or tap into local events, whether it's James City, Williamsburg, New Kent, or Yorktown. There is such a wealth of knowledge with home aesthetics, good housekeeping, and holiday-themed articles, such as "Keep the Holidays Green: Consider LED Holiday Lighting".

The navigation on the site is very streamlined, with easy access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ActiveRain, and YouTube. The site also features an RSS feed as well. The blog also comes with a MLS search tool, a market analysis of Williamsburg's New List Volume, and a mortgage calculator.

All in all, Jolene makes a very personal and community-inspired presence to the online community of Virginia with her commentary and family-centric values.

By: Katarina Combs

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