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How to Buy a New Home While Selling Your Current One

By Steven Roberts Updated on 12/22/2014

buying a home while sellingThis can be a challenging task considering the stipulations of debt to income ratios and funding a down payment on the new home for reasonable monthly payments. The logical route is to sell your home first and find temporary living until you have found a new home and moved in. However, this process of finding a home, getting approved for the loan and moving in is difficult. Even worse, you will incur costs to store all your belongings during the time you need to alleviate all cash for closing costs and a down payment. It is a gloomy subject, but there is hope. Follow these guidelines and lose the stress.

1. Get pre-approved sooner rather than later. 

The best practice is to start by getting pre-approved for the loan, so you may begin hunting for a home. The key here is to negotiate your intentions with the lender and persuade them to utilize a projected debt-to-income ratio as if your home has been sold. Two mortgages against your current income will typically disqualify someone within underwriting guidelines. This is merely the pre-approval and the real approval will come after you have sold your home, within a two to three week period.

2. Use a real estate agent. 

You are looking to expedite the process to alleviate the need for a bridge loan or place to live. In this circumstance, it will be most feasible to hire a realtor, whom is well connected in the industry with others who selling properties. Through the use of an escrow and communication with the other realtor, you will quickly transfer ownership.

3. Transfer ownership simultaneously.

Within the real estate industry, most contract will release the ownership of a home a little after two weeks. You may request the seller of your new home to release the contingency of their home to you at the same time you will do so to the buyer of your home. Before this is possible, you must have received approval for your loan, so you can close the deal.

4. Consider alternatives to selling. 

The process remains challenging, but this is the only probable way to secure a clean transfer between homes. You must be driven to achieve your goal, working with a professional and great with time management. An easier short-term alternative may be renting your current property, while still incorporating your projected debt-to-income ratio into your preapproval. Renting your property will be an additional income, which would cover the debt consideration of your additional mortgage. However, you must have 30% equity in your original home and capable of a down payment for your new home

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Steven Roberts is an editor for Lender411. He specializes in mortgage and finance. Steven graduated from Cal State Long Beach. Contact him at Steven@Lender411com.

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