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Client Testimonials

Updated on 7/29/2013

client testimonials

"My very first lead from turned into a deal. I strongly recommend their services..."

Robert Zickefoose, First Source Financial


"The leads are solid, and the consumers we have met through our relationship with have been very receptive and interested in our services."

Ryan Broughton, Royal Capital Group


“Lender411 is THE Top Notch Consumer Friendly website on the internet –Period!  There is no other website on the internet where a borrower can go and ask questions about their specific situation. A majority of my clients have inquired and asked a question on Lender411 and, once answered, have contacted me to help them with their financing needs. It is also great to get some insight on various loan scenarios from other loan officers from around the country. My Account Rep – Rachel – has a No-Holds-Barred work ethic in helping me with anything I need. I wish I would have known about them sooner.  I highly recommend Lender411!!” 

Carlo Sanchez, Security National Mortgage Company


“I have been a broker for 16 years. I could kick myself for waiting as long as I have for partnering up with Lender 411! The key with Lender 411 is their unique approach to new 2013 SEO practices. Specifically I am speaking of endorsements, personal interviews, and authentic social media article spins that are the REAL DEAL. There’s much more to it obviously that I can’t mention here. I can only tell you that my business has really picked up –It’s nice being number 1 with Lender 411!”

Andrew Alfonso, Cash Cow Funding

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