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California Commercial Loans

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Commercial Loans

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Securing a commercial loan in California

A commercial loan in California is a loan that is used to purchase a piece of real estate for use as a business property or when individuals or firms want to invest in real estate.  Essentially, commercial loans fund properties that are intended to operate a source of cash flow.  Residential properties do not fit this description.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types

Commercial real estate comes in many varieties.  You could use a commercial loan to purchase or invest in a health care center, hotel or motel, apartment building, bed-and-breakfast, auto services building, campground or RV park, light industrial building, restaurant, retail space, mobile home park, convenience store, gas station, marina, mixed use property, multi-family unit, self storage compound, warehouse, or office.

California Commercial Loans

Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Bakersfield, Fresno, Long Beach, Anaheim, Oakland, Hollywood, Riverside, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Pasadena, and other cities are all major sites for commercial development in California.  But don’t assume that you have to be a sophisticated investor to purchase property in these areas.  It’s true that real estate in many of these cities is in high demand, but growth is part of the game.

About California

California is ranked as the most populous state in the nation and represents 13% of all national gross domestic product.  It is home to several major economic regions such as Hollywood, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Napa Valley.  Hollywood is known as the global center of entertainment, Los Angeles is a major international city, Silicon Valley is a leading global center of technology, and Napa Valley is one of several major global wine production areas.

The city of San Francisco is another globally recognized region that is known for international trade and its role in the development of the state’s financial system.  Many major companies are headquartered here.  San Jose, nearby, is the birthplace of much modern digital technology and boasts many major web companies.

California has nineteen major professional sports league franchises, more than any other state.  If you’re interested in owning commercial property in an area that’s a hotbed of business, economic, and investment activity among a large and diverse population base, check out real estate in California.  Lender411 can help you find the best commercial mortgage rates.

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