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10 Best Places To Live In The US

By Sari R. Updated on 12/22/2014

Where should I live?  The 10 best places to live in the U.S.

If you’re ready for a move and asking yourself the question of “where should I live?”, it can be hard to choose a direction. After reviewing countless cities around the country, we’ve found many gems and compiled them into a list of some of the best places to live.



1. Fort Collins, CO

With employment rates rising quickly in this city, in addition to countless outdoor adventures, the pulse of Colorado State University, and its new status as a microbrewer’s mecca, this city is worth a good look into.

2. Austin, TX

Famous both for its live music scene and its many technology firms, Austin is also benefiting from a steady economy. Combined with a fairly low median home price and surrounded by rivers and lakes for outdoor recreation, this city is soaring in popularity.

3. Seattle, WA

Sure, it rains. But a well educated workforce, a top notch university, as well as being the home of industry giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing make Seattle stand out. A thriving society of entrepreneurs makes Seattle a great city for the business minded.

4. Des Moines, IA

Recent worker shortages due to waves of retiring baby boomers have caused city officials to pull out all the stops to attract younger workers to its many industries, including giving the downtown area a makeover and upgrades. The low cost of housing is another big perk.

5. Irvine, CA

One of the lowest crime rates in the country, a well educated and diverse community, and ease of commute due to two main highways converging in the city make Irvine a top spot in the housing market. Surrounded by great shops and restaurants, and just a short drive from Los Angeles, Irvine is an excellent choice for best place to live, especially for young professionals.

6. Reno, NV

Experiencing a recent population boom, possibly because of the absence of income tax and lack of crowding, Reno is a standout on our best places to live list. Recreation opportunities such as skiing the Sierra Nevadas, swimming in Lake Tahoe, and hiking in the pines are a big draw, as well as affordable median home prices.

7. Burlington, VT

If you’re eco-conscious, Burlington has taken huge steps toward becoming a green city. One of the strongest advocates of the local food movement, even their local grocery store, the Onion River Co-Op, sells over one thousand Vermont products—and they even use solar panels for the store’s energy. If being earth-friendly is is an important factor when you're deciding where to live, this city would be a great spot to research.

8. Santa Fe, NM

If you're the arty type, asking yourself "Where should I live?" usually also goes hand in hand "Where will I be inspired?" Well known as an artist's haven, Santa Fe is home to more than 250 art galleries, as well as the Georgia O’Keeffe museum. Clean, fresh mountain air flows through the city, and it enjoys mild daytime temps, though nights can be chilly. National parks abound, the beauty of the country mixing with the culture in the city.

9. San Luis Obispo, CA

Known affectionately by locals as SLO, this quiet town follows a less hectic pace than other California areas. With 285 mostly sunny days a year, proximity to Paso Robles, one of the largest wine producing regions in the state, and a low rate of both crime and unemployment, San Luis Obispo is the best place to live if you're looking for a sleepy slice of paradise.

10. Boise, ID

An incredibly stable economy, a friendly population, beautiful scenery, and affordable median home prices landed this city on our best places to live list. The Boise river, near downtown, is a big draw in the summer, as many residents float down the cool, tree lined water.

About The Author:
Sari R.
Sari R. is a mortgage editor for Lender411com. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Screenwriting and Public Relations/Advertising from Chapman University. She can be reached at sarelyn@lender411com.

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