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Updated on 6/5/2009

Your Lender411 profile page is the first impression you make on your prospective new clients. Make this page dynamic and informative so borrowers would take notice and want to do business with you!

Here are some tips on creating an effective profile page:

1. Flaunt Your Expertise, this is no place to be shy!
A winning profile explodes onto the page with your expertise and clearly states why you are an expert, what your expertise are, who your synergistic partners and clients are and flaunts the great results of your work.

  • Establish your expertise

  • Establish your credibility

  • Define your services

  • Let prospective clients know what challenges you can solve and how you can help them.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Make sure your clients know that you are a human, not a faceless company. Having a great picture of yourself on your profile page will help immensely. Just like in person, a great smile is always inviting. Choose a photo that shows your face clearly, not a distant photo of you in a big crowd. Experts say that a picture of you looking directly at the camera will create connection faster with your viewer than pictures of you looking away from the camera.

3. Make it easy for clients to contact you
Make sure you have accurate and ample contact details on your profile page.

4. Add extra tabs
To provide more information, you can add dynamic new tabs to your profile page. Many members use these tabs for subjects such as: Bio, Testimonials, Recently Funded Loans, etc....

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