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I am from the North Suburbs of Chicago (Glenview) and lived there for 18 years before moving to Arizona. I graduated from the University of Arizona (2002) with a B.S Degree in Communication & General Business.

I've been in the lending business for several years and I understand that lasting business relationships with home buyers are built by providing the highest level of customer service possible.

We originate home purchase & refinance loan transactions in all 50 States.

As an established home lender with a national network of offices, we offer a vast array of products guaranteed to meet the needs of every prospective homebuyer.

Every borrower has unique financing concerns and that's why my goal is to design the right financing program for you while making the entire process stress-free.

Flagstar is committed to helping people achieve the dream of home ownership, and over the years has worked closely with government sponsored enterprises and local housing authorities to offer affordable and community lending products.

Flagstar's National Rankings:
o 5th largest FHA lender
o Top 15 mortgage originator
o Through predecessor companies, more than
40 years' experience in home lending
o Variety of products options
o Simplified mortgage process
o Competitive rates
o Fast and easy loan approvals
o Free preapprovals
o Home loans nationwide

I look forward to working with you!

Excellent Customer Service
It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Brown and Flagstar Bank last month. As a first time home buyer, I wanted to work with someone that could explain the loan approval process and keep me informed any time I had questions. Mr. Brown took care of me step by step and made this entire process stress-free. I'm a satisfied customer and would highly recommend Mr. Brown for those in need of a mortgage.Regards,Alan B
By aasb32_853_308 on October 14, 2011
Pre-qualification vs. Preapproval Your loan officer will put together a package that includes a loan application, credit report, income and asset information and supporting documentation. These documents are then reviewed by...

Thank you soooo much. Are there customer surveys or managers email. I would love to tout how great you are work with. You have simplified a very complicated process. Your follow up is fantastic. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and kindness.
With much gratitude,

Dear Aaron,
They say that a job well done is its own reward, but you should know how much your hard work means to your clients... Thanks for everything!
Dear Aaron,
This note is to say thank you for the beautiful job you did on my purchase loan. You are Profressional, Positive, Fast & helpful in responding and clear in communication to your clients. You have nice friendly approach but strict in following rules and lending guidelines. Your attempt and effort for cluster information collection from loan applicant to determine eligibility and making it less stressful was highly appreciated. Flagstar is my favorite Bank. Please let your management know that your client is satisfied with your work.
Iran B.

First time home buyers can take advantage on Fannie Mae's Home Path purchase program.

Fannie Mae Home Path and Fannie Mae Home Path Renovation

Flagstar Bank is an approved lender to financing Home Path & Home Path Renovation Loans.

- Required Down Payment is 3%

- No Mortgage Insurance

- No Appraisal Needed

- A 3.5% Seller contribution incentive thru October 31st, 2011

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